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Podcast Episode 23: A Moving Legacy

In this episode, Sarah talks to Lucille Abendanon who has three nationalities and has lived in six different countries. Lucille shares not only her own story of movement, but also the incredible stories of her Dutch Oma and Opa who survived life in...

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Podcast Episode 22: Crimea Calling

In 2010, Masha and her brother inherited her grandparents' home in Crimea, the place of her birth.  Last Spring, she traveled there and felt a tug to return and explore her roots.  She has long felt the pull between lands and questioned her...

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Podcast Episode 20: Summer Wrap Up

In this episode, we talk about art, politics and plans for the future.  This episode is a series of audio clips from team meetings and conversations recorded over the past six months.  It is a reflection on the year so far- as we wrap up for Summer vacation.  We will...

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Podcast Episode 19: Stardust Magick

In this episode, I talk to Stardust Magick.  Star is a transformational artist- transforming herself and others through costume and performance. She believes in radical expression and lives with an open heart and with the intention of simply spreading joy to others....

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Podcast Episode 18: Knocked Up Abroad

 In this episode, we talk to Lisa Ferland, author and editor of the books Knocked Up Abroad and Knocked Up Abroad Again.  She talks about how her personal experiences of giving birth in America and in Sweden led to the realization that there is no one right way to...

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Podcast Episode 17: The Black Expat

I had so much fun talking to Amanda Bates, founder and editor of The Black Expat. Amanda launched The Black Expat to provide voices from the Black perspective of traveling and living internationally. It is both an informative resource as well as a source of...

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Podcast Episode 16: Expanding the TCK Narrative

Erin Sinogba uses her experience of growing up as a transnational Filipino TCK to expand the narrative of what it means to be a "TCK".  Transnational refers to a person who is connected to more than one community across the globe, and TCK is short for third culture...

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Podcast Episode 15: Landing in Portlandia

In this episode, I talk to two different women who both happen to live in Portland, Oregon. The first guest is Summer, who has been pursuing a master's degree in psychotherapy, but has continually put her career on hold as life took its course.  She lived in Hong Kong...

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Podcast Episode 14: Escaping FGM

Today we are sharing an episode originally aired on Shelter From the Storm.  Shelter From the Storm is a homeless shelter in London which provides bed, dinner and breakfast to 43 guests every day of the year.  They host a podcast which tells the stories of some of...

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Podcast Episode 13: Virtual Communities

It can feel very isolating moving to a new city, let alone a new country- however with a quick search online, you're likely to find a network of others just like you.  Thanks to the foresight of people like Naomi Hattaway and Emmy McCarthy- who had the vision of...

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Podcast Episode 12: Kindness of Strangers

For this episode, I had the pleasure of talking to the mom of one of my good friends from high school. As a teenager, I remember hearing bits and pieces this story. So, it was truly an honor to finally sit down and hear it first hand, at length.  Albeit, from opposite...

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Podcast Episode 11: We Were All Yugoslavians

“At a certain point, the news became corrupt. Things weren’t making sense… You didn’t know what to believe or who to believe.”   If ever someone had a sense of hiraeth, I think it would be today's guest, Kristina, whose homeland doesn't quite exist anymore.  Kristina...

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Podcast Episode 10: Coco Sauvage

In this episode, we talk to Daniela who was born in Angola, but fled to Portugal when civil war broke out in the 70's.  She talks about what it was like to come from an unrecognised country; to live without papers.  She reflects on her time living in a...

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Podcast Episode 9: Migrating Heritage

"If all of us tell our stories, it enriches us, and it enriches the world.  It helps to really break down those walls and build the bridges that we need." - Sarah Bringhurst Familia In this episode, we are exploring the term "migrant".  We will look at some of the...

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  • Hiraeth Ep. 28- Coming of Age in Trump's America 16/07/2018
    I had the pleasure of talking to two very astute young ladies. My daughter Luna and her friend Okxana. Both are 19 years old and go to college in Los Angeles, California. Luna has grown up between Europe and California. She lives in LA with her mom during the school year and, with her brother, […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 27- Heritage From Below 02/07/2018
    A year ago, Hiraeth was invited to participate in a session on “Whose Heritages Matter” during a conference at Wageningen University in the east of the Netherlands. Meghann Ormond, Associate Professor in Cultural Geography at Wageningen, speaks about her own heritage, from her two passport countries, the U.S. and Portugal, as well as the Netherlands, […]
  • Hiraeth Ep 26- Harbours and Horizons 18/06/2018
    Our new Hiraeth poetry editor, Jez Keighley, talks about the beginnings of his poetry career, musical influences on his poetry and his poetry/music collaborations with 3Bop, an Italian jazz artist. Jez is originally from the north of England, and “ran away” to university when he was 18. After moving to Vienna for love and then […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 25- Heritage and Identity 04/06/2018
    Welcome back to our second season of the Hiraeth Podcast! This season will be focused around the themes of “heritage and identity.” What is heritage and how do we pack it with us from one place to the next? What does it mean to preserve one’s heritage and when does that become a bad thing? […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 24- Calmness Amidst Chaos 20/11/2017
    Francesca Aikman is an artist from the North West of England who lives and works in Amsterdam. She arrived directly after finishing a degree in Fine Art at university in Preston to take up a residency at OT303, and, without her really realizing or planning it, Amsterdam became home.  Recently, she has been making small, […]

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