Francesca Aikman is an artist from the North West of England who lives and works in Amsterdam. She arrived directly after finishing a degree in Fine Art at university in Preston to take up a residency at OT303, and, without her really realizing or planning it, Amsterdam became home.  Recently, she has been making small, intimate ink paintings of streets in Amsterdam. These colourful works are all created using black ink, which is then allowed to divide into different colours when dropped onto wet paper (paper chromatography). They are beautiful depictions of fleeting moments in time; the moment when light hits a surface in a particular way.

Rowena talks with Francesca about art and life, all over a cup of tea.  See Rowena’s transcription of the interview, as well as Francesca’s artworks, in the post: Calmness Amidst Chaos.

Francesca and Rowena will also both have work on display at the upcoming storytelling event on 25 November at Butcher’s Tears, with signed, limited edition prints available for purchase!

This episode features music by Ketsa (copyright) using a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License