In our third episode, we hear from two expat families that traveled abroad for the wife’s work!  We’ll hear from Danielle, a third culture Canadian kid who grew up in Indonesia.  She reflects on what home means to her now that there isn’t any real tie to the place she grew up, and what it was like seeing snow for the first time at 17…

Then we chat with John, from New Zealand.  His family wanted a bit of adventure and they found it in his wife’s career- which has taken them to Amsterdam and Seoul.  He documents some of their “adventures, funny moments, and cultural misunderstandings…” on his website:  Itchy Family Feet

Cover image is from John. He says, “Slight cultural oops today, guy came in to install washing machine and it appears everyone takes off their shoes at the door (I did know this part), what I didn’t know is that we should have some slippers prepared for guests. The guy is asking me something in Korean and pointing to his feet. I finally worked out that he was asking for slippers, but the only ones I could find were my daughter’s Dutch slippers. He didn’t seem to phased about wearing them.”

Lastly we hear from Kelly Merks.  Kelly works at the Expatriate Archive Centre in the Hague.  She created @WeAreXpats which is a Twitter Rocur (Rotating Curator) account.  Expats are invited to be guest curators and share their international perspectives and adventures.  If you are interested in participating, apply on their website: or message Kelly directly on Twitter:  @flaneurie

This episode features music by Ketsa (copyright) using a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License


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