In this episode, I talk to two different women who both happen to live in Portland, Oregon.

The first guest is Summer, who has been pursuing a master’s degree in psychotherapy, but has continually put her career on hold as life took its course.  She lived in Hong Kong for ten years, Amsterdam for five, and has now (somewhat reluctantly) made Portland her home.   Summer talks about the challenges of returning to the USA after living abroad for 15 years.

My second guest is Anisa Makhoul, who is an American illustrator.  Anisa has a background in fashion design and even ran her own shop in Portland, but in 2012, she packed it all in to try life in Amsterdam.  She talks about how her career in illustration really sparked in Amsterdam and how travel has now become an integral part of her creative process.

“There is something about traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language and don’t know what to expect that somehow connects into your creativity.”

See her Artist Feature here.

Cover image by Anisa Makhoul