We are looking for submissions that demonstrate an individual experience or expression of hiraeth, home, or migration.  Non-native English speakers are welcome and encouraged to submit.

We want to hear your story. How are you personally affected by migration? Is yours a story of love, personal growth, refuge, or adventure…? Does that mean all submissions have to be auto-biographical? No, of course not.

In one way or another, we are all migrants.  How can we judge others seeking the same things we all want, which in part is to feel secure.  We might be angry and tired of the current political climate, but we are not without hope. How about you? 

The idea of ‘hiraeth‘ is a human condition, and the idea of ‘home’ is the subject of many works of art. Home is more than just a shelter, it is a feeling, one that we can’t always explain.  It can even evolve and change as we grow.

You retain all copyrights to your work. This is a platform for creating dialogue and building community.  We are a team of volunteers and do not make a profit off any of this. If you have any other questions, please email us.  Click on the relevant link to submit:

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“…It was our way to abolish government-made borders and show the world as one beautiful nation whose ruler was the sea, where nature’s laws are strict, yet simple, and the inhabitants are all equally unique.”