‘It’s everyone’s fight. Everyone is doing such a great job in terms of staying home and following the rules and recommendations in their country as best they can. Everyone is in this together..’

– Lisa Ferland

Lisa Ferland is an American living in Sweden. She has a background in public health, and is also an author and consultant. In the podcast she talks about her life in the Swedish countryside, why she chose to take Swedish citizenship, and what being both Swedish and American means to her.

Lisa recently began working for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), specifically on the coronavirus pandemic. We talk with her about how the Swedish approach to the pandemic differs from what other countries are doing, and how cultural differences affect the way the coronavirus progresses in different places. Lisa gives us a peek at what we might be able to expect in the coming months, and a few rays of hope about what good might come out of all this.

Lisa Elsewhere:

You can listen to our previous interview with Lisa about her book, Knocked Up Abroad, here: http://hiraethmagazine.com/podcast-episode-18-knocked-up-abroad/

Lisa runs a consulting business helping authors to crowdfund their books: https://lisaferland.com/

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Photos courtesy of Lisa Ferland.

This episode features music by Meydän under a Creative Commons Attribution License.