Hiraeth is a human condition, and the idea of finding or making ‘home’ is the subject of many works of art. Home is more than just a shelter, it is a feeling, one that we can’t always explain. It can even evolve and change as we grow.  If you have an experience that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it. Is yours a story of love, personal growth, refuge, or adventure…?

We are looking for submissions that demonstrate an individual experience or expression of hiraeth or finding home. Non-native English speakers are welcome and encouraged to submit, and we also accept submissions in other languages (accompanied by English translation).

You retain all copyrights to your work. This is a platform for creating dialogue and building community. We are a team of volunteers and Hiraeth is a nonprofit organisation. If you have any other questions, please email us. Or click on the relevant link to submit:

Recent Posts

Podcast Episode 32: The Third Space

Farnaz talks about what it means to to find home, neither here nor there, but in the liminal space between places, otherwise known as, ‘The Third Space’.

Love, Death & Darkness in February

Did you join us at our first 2019 creative meetup? We met on February 10 at the lovely Zamen in Noord for an evening of poetry, conversation and collaboration on the very February theme of Love, Death & Darkness. The evening was led by JC 1/4, with poetry...

Podcast Episode 31: Reckless in Saying Yes

'One of the effects of leaving and moving and not having a solid continuous tradition and community around us has been that we have been free to improvise.' Describing herself as a child of...