In this episode, Sarah talks to Lucille Abendanon who has three nationalities and has lived in six different countries. Lucille shares not only her own story of movement, but also the incredible stories of her Dutch Oma and Opa who survived life in Japanese concentration camps. Lucille is a writer and values the power of storytelling in understanding one’s identity and hopes to pass this on to her kids just as Oma has done for her.  Lucille documents her life experiences on her blog: Expitterpattica.

“I live an unconventional life on the move. I don’t know where ‘Home’ is. My identity is stuck, not so much between a rock and a hard place, as between Dutch canals and the African sun…and English country lanes…and Turkish minarets…and chaotic Thai streets…”


Oma and Opa in Batavia

Read more about Lucille’s story in her essay: Roots of Dispersion

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