I had the pleasure of talking to two very astute young ladies. My daughter Luna and her friend Okxana. Both are 19 years old and go to college in Los Angeles, California.  Luna has grown up between Europe and California.  She lives in LA with her mom during the school year and, with her brother, visits us in Europe every Summer and Christmas.  This unique perspective has allowed her to be open-minded in trying to understand the reasoning behind people’s positions, a skill she often uses in debate.  Okxana also has a curiosity for cultures and enthusiasm for travel, influenced by her mom who served 35 years in the military in order to see the world.

As two Mexican-American women growing up in America right now, they share some of their experiences, as well as their fears and hopes for their country.  Talking to these two brings to mind a quote by actor Jeffrey Wright that made the rounds shortly after Trump was elected:


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