In this episode, we talk to Daniela who was born in Angola, but fled to Portugal when civil war broke out in the 70’s.  She talks about what it was like to come from an unrecognised country; to live without papers.  She reflects on her time living in a makeshift refugee camp as a kid.  She says it was like summer camp, but as an adult, she now realises how stressful it must have been for her mom.

We hear about her family’s journey to get Portuguese passports and how her study of architecture led her to the Netherlands.

Daniela talks about how she now uses her creativity as a ‘food tailor’ with Coco Sauvage.

Among their many events, Coco Sauvage created a weekly (inexpensive) vegan menu serving 100 people at Plantage Dokhuis  for a year, and Daniela also does creative food workshops for kids with Kleintjekunst in Amsterdam.

Cover Photo by Rutger Buiter

This episode features music by Ketsa (copyright) using a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License