Today we are sharing an episode originally aired on Shelter From the Storm.  Shelter From the Storm is a homeless shelter in London which provides bed, dinner and breakfast to 43 guests every day of the year.  They host a podcast which tells the stories of some of their guests.

“With amazing skill, experience and love, we pick up the pieces from the human fallout; we’ll find them a doctor, a counsellor, a lawyer, training, a job. Each evening they sit down to eat together; a simple ritual for most of us, but for many of them it will be the first time they’ve done that since they left home.”

In this particular episode, we will hear Lena’s story.  She is a 28 year old woman, daughter of a Guinean King- who spent her life fleeing female genital mutilation.  It’s a powerful story of not only finding refuge, but about her enduring strength and hope.