Welcome back to our second season of the Hiraeth Podcast! This season will be focused around the themes of “heritage and identity.”  What is heritage and how do we pack it with us from one place to the next?  What does it mean to preserve one’s heritage and when does that become a bad thing?  Sarah and Monica explore these questions while looking back at some highlights from last season.

Here are links to the podcast episodes we discussed:

Ep 7- Matatu Kitchen

Ep 8- In Search of Homeland

Ep 10- Coco Sauvage

Ep 22- Crimea Calling

Ep 13- Virtual Communities


Link to video clip of FIGT talk with Emmy McCarthy and Naomi Hattaway c/o Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching.


*Correction: In episode, Sarah refers to the ‘Balkan Wars,’ but she meant to say ‘Bosnian War.’

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