In this episode, we hear from Fozia and Edwina from Matatu Kitchen, an East African supperclub based out of Bristol. We’ll hear about Fozia’s journey from Somalia to England, via Kuwait as well as Edwina’s adventures across Kenya and Tanzania as a circus performer and working at The Vanessa Grant School and Ghetto Exposed Foundation.

We’ll hear about how the two women bonded over their shared love of East African cuisine and how the search for good food in and around Bristol led them to start their own catering business.

“People will embrace a new food in a way they wouldn’t necessarily embrace a new culture.”  -Edwina Bruford (The Matatu Kitchen)

I met these two amazing ladies at a recent conference in London called “Unite Against Dividers“.  In this workshop, Fozia and Edwina used food as a vehicle for people from various communities to come together and discuss their experiences; bond over their similarities, all while discussing the difficult topic of racism in a post-Brexit society.  We’ll hear about the workshop, what the two ladies learned from the experience, and what we can all learn from simply listening to one another.

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