It can feel very isolating moving to a new city, let alone a new country- however with a quick search online, you’re likely to find a network of others just like you.  Thanks to the foresight of people like Naomi Hattaway and Emmy McCarthy– who had the vision of connecting people online for advice and support.

Naomi is the founder of I am a Triangle, which began as a support group for people re-patriating to America, who, perhaps were finding it difficult to fit back into American society, but the group includes people from all over the world adjusting to their various new communities.

Emmy is the founder of Amsterdam Mamas which connects a broad range of international families based mostly in Amsterdam.

Both facebook groups have a membership of over 12,000 people and both serve an international community.  I’m curious about what other virtual communities exist- and how have they impacted your life.

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Cover Image by Travis Isaacs