Rough Translation

I'm always on the lookout for other podcasts that cover similar territory to the Hiraeth podcast--those that share stories about transcending borders, sharing cultures, and looking at familiar things from new points of view. So when I heard about NPR's new podcast,...

Hasan Minhaj is a Third Culture Kid

"I exist in a hyphen." Comedian Hasan Minhaj from The Daily Show famously roasted Donald Trump at this year's White House Correspondence Dinner.  In this episode of Fresh Air, Hasan talks about his experience as third culture kid, identifying as an Indian-American...

Exit West – Permeable Borders

Last month Steve Inskeep at Fresh Air talked with Mohsin Hamid about his new novel, Exit West. Set in an unnamed country that bears more than a passing resemblance to the author's native Pakistan, Exit West lives and breathes hiraeth, whether its characters are...

One Way Ticket: The Art of Jacob Lawrence

"...I pick up my life And take it away On a one-way ticket— Gone up North, Gone out West, Gone!" -Langston Hughes from "One Way Ticket" 1962   Jacob Lawrence was a self proclaimed "child of The Great Migration".  The Great Migration was the movement of over six...

Let Me In- A Short Film by Alicia Keys

Let me in is a short film directed by Jonathan Olinger.  It was premiered by Alicia Keys in conjunction with her We Are Here movement on World Refugee Day .  The film turns the tables on the on our perceptions of refugees. “I was stunned when I learned that there are...


  • Hiraeth Ep. 29- Window To Another Reality 24/09/2018
    ‘I like to think of my work as a window to another reality, perhaps escapist and enchanting, like an hotel room, which is a symbol of a different reality than our daily life; perhaps a dreamlike experience, a place which is a temporary home.’ Michal Raz was born in Jerusalem and in spite of growing […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 28- Coming of Age in Trump's America 16/07/2018
    I had the pleasure of talking to two very astute young ladies. My daughter Luna and her friend Okxana. Both are 19 years old and go to college in Los Angeles, California. Luna has grown up between Europe and California. She lives in LA with her mom during the school year and, with her brother, […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 27- Heritage From Below 02/07/2018
    A year ago, Hiraeth was invited to participate in a session on “Whose Heritages Matter” during a conference at Wageningen University in the east of the Netherlands. Meghann Ormond, Associate Professor in Cultural Geography at Wageningen, speaks about her own heritage, from her two passport countries, the U.S. and Portugal, as well as the Netherlands, […]
  • Hiraeth Ep 26- Harbours and Horizons 18/06/2018
    Our new Hiraeth poetry editor, Jez Keighley, talks about the beginnings of his poetry career, musical influences on his poetry and his poetry/music collaborations with 3Bop, an Italian jazz artist. Jez is originally from the north of England, and “ran away” to university when he was 18. After moving to Vienna for love and then […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 25- Heritage and Identity 04/06/2018
    Welcome back to our second season of the Hiraeth Podcast! This season will be focused around the themes of “heritage and identity.” What is heritage and how do we pack it with us from one place to the next? What does it mean to preserve one’s heritage and when does that become a bad thing? […]

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