Author: Rowena Dring


In the Netherlands today, many of us woke up and heaved a sigh of relief at the election results....

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  • Ep. 42 - Using The Fine China 24/06/2020
    Dori Griffin is a designer and design historian interested in popular print culture and the narrative construction of social and cultural identity. Her first book, Mapping Wonderlands: Illustrated Cartography of Arizona, 1912-1962, explores tourist maps and the stories they tell about the state’s history, landscape and culture. Dori has also studied culture through looking at […]
  • Ep. 41 - Cancer In The Time Of Corona 17/06/2020
    Ana Martins has been a local in Amsterdam for several years, but originally comes from Portugal. Amsterdam, she says, is the first place that has ever felt like home. She has been an actress and yoga teacher, and now writes a blog called Amsterdive exploring her own relationship with Amsterdam and the Netherlands while focusing […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 40 - Exploring The Streets Of Cairo 04/06/2020
    Erica Eastley has lived an adventurous life in several different countries in Central Asia, the Middle East and beyond. We’ve never met in person; in fact, I think I first came across Erica when I stumbled on her fascinating blog, The Golden Road to Samarqand, where she was explaining how she cut the bindings off […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 39- A Way Of Reordering Your World 20/05/2020
    Rowena Dring is British, and spent time in Berlin and France before settling here in Amsterdam. She is an artist who challenges traditional boundaries by incorporating the traditional ‘women’s work’ of sewing and needlework with large-scale painting. She first started this type of art after her father died, and observes that ‘when you feel like […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 38 - 24 - Hour Curfew In Saudi Arabia 13/05/2020
    ‘Emily’ is an American, but grew up moving around a lot, and spent her teenage years living in Mexico. Now with four kids of her own, she has made the move to Saudi Arabia to give them a taste of international life. We have changed her name so she can speak freely about her adventures […]