MMM explores the Goutte d’Or area of Paris (2005)


Since 1998, Scottish artist Zoë Irvine has been collecting found and discarded magnetic (audio cassette) tape in a project she calls Magnetic Migration Music (MMM).  She says it all began with a ribbon of tape she found caught in a tree outside her window.  Like an archeological treasure hunt, Zoë says the bits of tape have been a great tool for exploring landscape, community, migration, music and medium.  She collects, respools and listens to the found tapes- creating a sort of audio archive of various environments.   It is interesting to note that over time, of course, it became less common to find tape (she  declared the project officially closed in 2008), but she says she can’t help but still collect tape when she does come upon it.

This has certainly piqued my curiosity and imagination. From now on, I will be keeping an eye out for that shiny black ribbon…also hoping to capture a little relic of time and place.

Photo Cred: Zoë Irvine

Listen to an sample of MMM: