Welcome to our first episode!  This is part one of “Meet the Team”.  There are six of us on the editorial team and I will chat with each member about where they are from and what home means to them.  In part I, I speak with translator, writer, and lover of language Xenia Bordukowa Pattberg.  A true third culture kid, we follow her from Moscow to East Berlin to Amsterdam.  Then we meet British artist Rowena Dring as she goes from living out of her backpack to settling in Amsterdam, and lastly we follow art historian Tea Gudek Šnajdar from medieval Croatia to Golden Age Holland.

Next week, we will meet the other three members of the team:  Sarah, Pepe, and myself, Monica.

This episode features music by Ketsa (copyright) http://ketsamusic.com/ using a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License