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  • Hiraeth Ep. 39- A Way Of Reordering Your World 20/05/2020
    Rowena Dring is British, and spent time in Berlin and France before settling here in Amsterdam. She is an artist who challenges traditional boundaries by incorporating the traditional ‘women’s work’ of sewing and needlework with large-scale painting. She first started this type of art after her father died, and observes that ‘when you feel like […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 38 - 24 - Hour Curfew In Saudi Arabia 13/05/2020
    ‘Emily’ is an American, but grew up moving around a lot, and spent her teenage years living in Mexico. Now with four kids of her own, she has made the move to Saudi Arabia to give them a taste of international life. We have changed her name so she can speak freely about her adventures […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 37 - The Swedish Approach (To Pandemics And Life) 06/05/2020
    Lisa Ferland is an American living in Sweden. She has a background in public health, and is also an author and consultant. In the podcast she talks about her life in the Swedish countryside, why she chose to take Swedish citizenship, and what being both Swedish and American means to her. Lisa recently began working […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 36 - The Dutch Art Of Doing Nothing 29/04/2020
    Olga Mecking’s book, Niksen just happened to come out the very week coronavirus lockdown started in the Netherlands, where she lives. Niksen is about “The Dutch Art of Doing Nothing”, which ends up being amazingly apropos in a time when we are all wondering what to do with ourselves while staying safe at home. In […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 35 - Homeschooling In The Time Of Corona 22/04/2020
    Rachel Bringhurst is an American homeschooling mom and mother of four who has moved around a lot, and is now sheltering in place in California. By education and training, she is also a qualified teacher, so she brings experience from both sides of the teacher’s desk to this huge challenge of homeschooling under lockdown. Rachel […]