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Podcast Episode 9: Migrating Heritage

"If all of us tell our stories, it enriches us, and it enriches the world.  It helps to really break down those walls and build the bridges that we need." - Sarah Bringhurst Familia In this episode, we are exploring the term "migrant".  We will look at some of the...

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Podcast Episode 8: In Search of Homeland

With childlike innocence said the girl: “I wish that snowfall were cotton So I could weave a robe for my doll.” Tears came into her red tired eyes, which brought me to a shock. I wanted to give her a reason for the cold- She interrupted me to say, "It's cold because...

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Podcast Episode 7: Matatu Kitchen

In this episode, we hear from Fozia and Edwina from Matatu Kitchen, an East African supperclub based out of Bristol. We'll hear about Fozia's journey from Somalia to England, via Kuwait as well as Edwina's adventures across Kenya and Tanzania as a circus performer and...

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Podcast Episode 6: Don’t Forget To Write

This episode is about saying "goodbye," but it's also about how we stay in touch.  I talk to my nine year old daughter about what it was like moving to a new country and how she stays in touch with her friends.  We also discuss how she identifies herself as a sort of...

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Podcast Episode 5: Rendezvous in Phoenix

This week, we talk to Tony Sandoval, three-time Eisner-nominated comic writer and illustrator who recently released an autobiographical graphic novel called "Rendezvous in Phoenix" published by Magnetic Press.  Tony made his way across the border to reunite with his...

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Podcast Episode 4: Tijuana- Life on the Border

Welcome back and Happy New Year! As we enter this New Year, I want to reiterate our mission at Hiraeth Magazine which is to promote empathy and unity, for those seeking home, through the power of storytelling and art. In the first episode of the New Year, I wanted to...

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Podcast Episode 3: Itchy Feet Families

In our third episode, we hear from two expat families that traveled abroad for the wife's work!  We'll hear from Danielle, a third culture Canadian kid who grew up in Indonesia.  She reflects on what home means to her now that there isn't any real tie to the place she...

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Podcast Episode 2: Meet the Team, part II

In this episode, we meet the rest of the Hiraeth Magazine editorial team.  We will follow Sarah Bringhurst Familia as she backpacks her way across the globe, with babies in tow, to find herself settling in Amsterdam.  She tells us about her work at the Expatriate...

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Podcast Episode 1: Meet the Team, Part I

Welcome to our first episode!  This is part one of "Meet the Team".  There are six of us on the editorial team and I will chat with each member about where they are from and what home means to them.  In part I, I speak with translator, writer, and lover of...

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  • Hiraeth Ep. 29- Window To Another Reality 24/09/2018
    ‘I like to think of my work as a window to another reality, perhaps escapist and enchanting, like an hotel room, which is a symbol of a different reality than our daily life; perhaps a dreamlike experience, a place which is a temporary home.’ Michal Raz was born in Jerusalem and in spite of growing […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 28- Coming of Age in Trump's America 16/07/2018
    I had the pleasure of talking to two very astute young ladies. My daughter Luna and her friend Okxana. Both are 19 years old and go to college in Los Angeles, California. Luna has grown up between Europe and California. She lives in LA with her mom during the school year and, with her brother, […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 27- Heritage From Below 02/07/2018
    A year ago, Hiraeth was invited to participate in a session on “Whose Heritages Matter” during a conference at Wageningen University in the east of the Netherlands. Meghann Ormond, Associate Professor in Cultural Geography at Wageningen, speaks about her own heritage, from her two passport countries, the U.S. and Portugal, as well as the Netherlands, […]
  • Hiraeth Ep 26- Harbours and Horizons 18/06/2018
    Our new Hiraeth poetry editor, Jez Keighley, talks about the beginnings of his poetry career, musical influences on his poetry and his poetry/music collaborations with 3Bop, an Italian jazz artist. Jez is originally from the north of England, and “ran away” to university when he was 18. After moving to Vienna for love and then […]
  • Hiraeth Ep. 25- Heritage and Identity 04/06/2018
    Welcome back to our second season of the Hiraeth Podcast! This season will be focused around the themes of “heritage and identity.” What is heritage and how do we pack it with us from one place to the next? What does it mean to preserve one’s heritage and when does that become a bad thing? […]

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